Bakery Catering and Baking Class


Do you want a spectacular cake for your special day? Do you have interest in learning how to make a fabulous cake? Do you want to arrange a personal party in New York Style Pizza & Pasta (Downtown) with our great atmosphere and food? Our brand new bakery store will make your dreams come true! Our services include:

  1. Making customized cakes for any special event.
  2. Catering for all types of parties with our delicious desserts.
  3. Providing bakery classes for people who love baking.
  4. Providing our venue and food for personal parties.

For more pricing information, please take a look at our menu below:

cakery-menu2 CAKERY-MENU1

Our cakes and desserts include: art flower cakes, cupcakes, macaroons, ice-cream, high tea tray, chocolate, etc. And flavours  of cupcakes include strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, mango, rose, lavender, vanilla, nuts, chocolate…. Our delicious and affordable high tea tray set includes a mini burger, a rice cube, a medium sized cupcake , a macaroon, a kids scoop ice-cream and fresh hot scones with cream and homemade jam! What’s more, you are very welcome to come to the shop for a bakery class or arrange a party in our store. We could also do something exciting such as a making dessert /making friends event.

Check out our beautiful cakes and desserts:

flower-cake-8 flower-cake-7 flower-cake-6 flower-cake-5 flower-cake-4 flower-cake-3 flower-cake-2 flower-cake-1 dessert-chocolate dessert-cookies dessert-macaroon dessert-2 dessert-table birthday-cake-flower-hello-kitty birthday-cake-1