Check out our brand new menu! New York Style Pizza & Pasta Downtown is now under new management. But our great taste in food will never change!

The restaurant has just finished renovation, so expect the place to look better than ever. As summer is upon us, we have created a nice dinning area on the second floor for our special drinks and sweets.  Come and enjoy the sunny and beautiful summer in our second floor cafe area with a cup of coffee and New York Style Pizza & Pasta’s special desserts. You can find the new Cafe Menu for Upstairs below!  We have also made some changes on some other on some of our old menus. There are more choices to choose from. Expect new specialty dishes, but don’t worry, our favorites such as the Manhattan Salad will be staying.

Come check out New York Style Pizza & Pasta Downtown today!

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Lunch Combo Menu

Lunch combo

Kids’ Menu

Kid s Menu

Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu 01

Dinner Menu 02

Dinner Menu 05
Dinner Menu 04
Dinner Menu 03

Cafe Menu


Bar Menu

Bar menu

Cafe Menu for Upstaris

Cafe Menu For upstairs 02

Cafe Menu For upstairs 01